Rotary Sewing Machine-White - Model 77

This machine is in excellent condition. I do not have the manual, however, I have a White Rotary manual, that will tell you all about a rotary machine and the machine in the book looks a lot like the model 77. I just love the foot pedal. Very unusual. I have found a manual that is for the rotary machine made

by White. No model number but the machine in the book looks just like the 77

Handle has a small crack in the cover.

The case is quite clean and closes properly. I do not have the key for the locks.

I leave feedback as soon as buyer pays. I don't wait to see if they are going to leave it for me. If you are not happy with your item, TELL Me DON'T LEAVE NG FEEDBACK WE CAN WORK SOMETHING OUT.

Shipping will be usps as our ups office is too hard to deal with--they are rude. Sorry for that.

Insurance is required. I try to pack well and only had one problem with a machine out of the 20+ I have sold and I didn't pack it my Husband did. LOL