ROTEL RB-1090 380-Watt/Ch. Stereo Power Amplifier--NEW!

Folks, before considering this auction, please note that we RESPECT THE PRIVACY of our customers----and soon, you may be one! When they bring in items for us to purchase, or when we go to their homes to pick up items, we do NOT pry into their personal lives or habits! We do not ask if they Drink, Smoke, Have Children, or Own Pets. And, as we are NOT 'technicians', or a 'repair shop', our ONLY concern is that the item is Working Perfectly. Period. If this is an issue for you, DON'T BID! We'll all be happier! And, of course, PLEASE remember that Payment, via Paypal ONLY, is due within 24 hours! This particular Brand New RB-1090 Power Amp is in Silver (obviously!), but be aware that we have yet another one, lightly used, in Black, in another listing today (Please see our OTHER ITEMS), along with a Matching, VERY Rare, Rotel Preamp! It's been our pleasure (and that of our customer's!) to have sold several of these before, and what an Audio 'Joy' this Refined 'Beast' is! This particular 1090 is one of the last, most recent 1090's to have been made by Rotel (Note the 'new style' WBT Binding Posts), and has NEVER seen the inside of a customer's home! It was a dealer 'overstock' item, and was returned to Rotel in its Original Box. And, now that Rotel has Upgraded their shipping cartons and packing materials, THIS will ship in a Brand New ... read more