Rotring 600 fountain pen original style Silver FP nib

This is an auction for a new silver Rotring 600 fountain pen in the original knurled grip style and with a fine point nib for exact penmanship. This pen has a hefty brass body construction with an excellent grip to match its sophisticated German style. It comes with a Rotring guarantee papers, pen box, an ink convertor, and extra ink cartridges. It can use both ink cartridges and the ink convertor both which are included. Also, you receive a stunning new Rotring 600 display case especially made for this series. The bottom is made of wood (black) and the metal tray has five slots for each of the Rotring 600 pens (with red inscriptions to indicate the appropriate slot for the fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint, pencil, and trio pen)!

You can hardly ever find these fountain pens and nearly impossible to purchase a new display case still in its original box and packaging! Keep in mind that this fountain is in the original style which have been discontinued in production for a long while. Also, I'm selling off my collection of Rotring 600 in batches instead of individual pens so if you're looking for Rotring 600 rollerball pens or trio pens, I'll be posting another auction for those soon.

Good luck!