Rotring 600 Mechanical Pencil Fresh From Service Center

Before I begin, let me say sorry for the lousy pics of late. My camera set up got broken down and moved. Not I can't get it dialed back in like I had it before so the pics have been hit & miss. All I ask is look at my feedback and trust my descriptions.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming..........

For auction today I have 1 Rotring 600 mechanical pencil. Excellent condition. It just got back from the Waterman/Parker/Rotring service center w they installed a new mechanisim. Heavy, solid construction. You could use this pencil for a tent stake or self defense weapon if

For what it's worth.

If a pen I have listed has no bids and you'd like to have it right now. Contact me with a fair offer and we'll discuss adding a Buy It Now option. If an item has bids on it, sorry bub, I won't end it early. Check my closed auctions and my feedback. I sell great restored user pens at fair prices.

All of the restored pens I sell come with an unconditional 1 year guarantee . If they give you any problems let me know and I will be happy to service them. Please print out the auction sales page for a record of the sale. I am no longer taking on "outside" repair clients. I've scaled back my fp repair business and have decided to focus my efforts

I will gladly combine
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