Rough Rider "BOWIE" Series Large Leg 957 zix

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Rough Rider

"Bowie Series"

"An American Legend "

Large Leg 5"

These beautiful knives have saw-cut bone handles and a nickle-silver "Bowie Knife" inlaid right in the handle. A very nice piece and great quality. Comes in a decorative tin like the Long Rifle and Rifleman. Shade of bone may vary. This is true with any bone handle knife.

In the early 1800's, James Bowie's older brother became disturbed by news that his younger brother had narrowly escaped death during a duel, and knowing James, he figured that this would more than likely happen again in the future. He made James a knife that was 9 1/2 " long and 1 1/2 " wide so he would be prepared to defend homself. Little did he know that he had created the famed " Bowie Knife "- a knife that would find it's mark at the infamous Sand Bar Duel of 1827, a knife that would be carried at the Alamo, and a knife that has been revered for nearly two centuries. This Rough Rider series celebrates the knife that James Bowie's courage and bravery made famous. An American legend simply known as the Bowie Knife.

[The above story is printed on the bottom of the decorative tin ]

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