Roundhouse MDC BL-10 Santa Fe Boxcab Diesel with box

Hello Everyone:

what I have available is a MDC Roundhouse Boxcab Switcher,

ATSF Santa Fe MOW,

kit number BL-10 Santa Fe,

the locomotive is an older kit that has been assembled,

I tested it on my test track and it runs in foward and reverse,

there is parts to a track cleaning kit and a few detail parts in the box as well as a flywheel kit,

the headlights are not installed, they are included, a pair of ladders are not installed but they are included,

it a nice clean build by whoever built it, I did notice they put a 3 piece brass bell on it, and kadee # 5 couplers on it,

also this locomotive did not have much use, I lubed it and ran it on my layout, due to haveing an open frame motor, it is kinda noisy,

there is a rub on one side on the paint, possibly from storage, and the truck sides are loosing their finish or coating due to storage,

as for the track cleaning kit, it is missing one sanding pad, and it appears they may have been used at one time,

the flywheel kit is complete, but the drive shaft or coupling as they call it, needs to be replaced, it is more or less a piece of rubber tubing, the original one has signs of age, dry rot and such,

the box has glue stains on the inner lid, tape marks on the bottom of the box and shelf wear,


look at the pictures below and the movie of this locomotive in action,

Here is the video of the locomotive running

the locomotive is sold as is, no refunds, no returns,

any questions?, please ask prior to bidding,

I will only ship to the USA at this time,

payment form accepted Pay pal, other payment forms accepted upon request,

payment from the winning bidder must be received within 5 days end of auction,

thank you for looking and good luck bidding.

Below is a picture of a real Boxcab diesel, the photo is not for sale, it is for example only,

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