Rowe SUNRISE wall mount jukebox #JB052

Rowe has been the company to beat since the early 1990s when it got into the CD jukes with a vengeance. With simple, dependable mechanisms every operator in America bought them.

The Sunrise was part of their long running series of wall mount jukeboxes that took up no valuable floor space in small establishments. They were cool and colorful and they made money.

They had something you don't often see in jukeboxes ...... NEON lights! What's also cool is that not only can you see the CD placed on the laser player through a window, you get to see the basket full of CDs rotating through a bubble window too. Kids will love it.

This particular unit had only been in service for a while when "downloading jukes" came on the scene, thus bringing on its early retirement. We've cleaned, detailed it and our two ROWE experts made sure it performed as intended.

Like all wall mounted jukeboxes this one is fully contained except for speakers which are easily attached to a terminal strip on the top back of the jukebox. They can also be set on a sturdy table.

It is complete with all doors, locks, keys and coin mechanisms. It also includes the wall mount bracket. It is in great playing condition! It is location or home gameroom ready.

It is 25" wide, 15" deep, and 42" tall. Weight is 300 lbs. It can also be mounted
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