Royal Bonn 2 handled vase

Up for auction is a Royal Bonn two handled vase -- the vase is marked on the bottom with "Royal Bonn 1755 Germany #2706" and also written on the bottom is 6000/ 14/161 -- the vase is rose color on the body with green at the base and at the top -- the vase has a rose pattern on it -- t is gold gilding on the vase and the gilding has minimal wear - the vase measures 14 1/2" tall - 7" to the outside of the handles and is 5 1/2" at the widest part of the body --this vase has been in a cabinet for many years so t are no chips or damage of any kind -- the vase is in perfect condition with the exception of minimal wear to the gilding as described
This itembelongs to a lady that is 87 years of age, and has been collectingantiques all of her life. she can tell you a story behind most of her pieces. She and her husband have accumulated an entire home of antiques and collectibles. They are both failing in health and need to start clearing out their home. The items we will be selling for this couple are in perfect condition as they have cherished everything over the years. All their items are behind glass, in cabinets, etc. so nothing was every damaged. We will be selling a lot of their collectibles over the next few months to include "Royal Bonn" "Corday" "Tchecoslovacuie" glass, antique porcelain dolls "Nippon" "RS Prussia" and the list
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