Royal Copenhagen JUS Aluminia Child Welfare Figurine 1943

Charming Royal Copenhagen "Child Welfare Series" hand painted figurine depicting a female cousin girl from Amager carrying a basket of fruit or other produce . Designed by Herluf Jensenious (JUS marked on base) and Hans Henrik Hansen (HHH marked on base) as an annual fundraiser for the Danish charitable organization Børnehjælpsdagen which has worked to improve the lives of children in Denmark since 1904. One figurine design was produced each year in the "Child Welfare Series" from 1941 ~ 1965. The base also has the mark for the period of manufacturing or artisan of an inverted U shape with three bars that go across the U. It has the word DENMARK and an impressed number for the piece. This piece was produced in 1943, is 13cm tall and is in excellent condition.