Royal Cornwall The Creation Series

Set of 12 plates comprising the entire "The Creation" Series by Yiannis Koutsis for Royal Cornwall. Calhoun Collector's Society, 1977-1978, limited edition. Each plate measures 9 1/4" in diameter and is numbered 4,111 CE. Original boxes and certificates provided. Mint condition. The collection includes:
Plate I: The Creation, 1977
Plate II: In His Image, 1977
Plate III: Adam's Rib, 1977
Plate IV: Banished from Eden, 1977
Plate V: Noah and the Ark, 1977
Plate VI: The Tower of Babel, 1978
Plate VII: Sodom and Gomorrah, 1978
Plate VIII: Jacob's Ladder, 1978
Plate IX: Rebekah at the Well, 1978
Plate X: Jacob's Ladder, 1978
Plate XI: Joseph's Coat of Many Colors, 1978
Plate XII: Joseph Interpret's Pharoah's Dream, 1978
Photographs of plates I-VII shown. Photographs of additional plates available on request.