Royal Crown Derby Sugar or Jam Bowl, Mikado

This is Royal Crown Derby sugar bowl or jam bowl with lid in the blue and white Japanese inspired "Mikado" pattern. It is in near perfect condition and still comes in a presentation box. The gold leaf on the lid and the rim and base of the bowl itself have no major wear and t are no chips. The lid is marked Derby China over the Royal Crown Derby mark for years 1964-1975 and then Royal Crown De...y, English Bone China "Mikado" XXXII (the date mark for 1969). T is also a hand lettered "L" perhaps an inspection mark. The letters missing in the work Derby are because the original lettering was placed over a depression in the inside of the lid and thus never took. The bowl has much the same mark but bears the roman numeral XXXV (the date mark for 1972) and a hand lettered M. This bowl is rather unusual as far as I can determine. It lacks that large elaborate handles and styling of most Mikado sugar bowls and instead has a rather charming little strawberry shaped handle on the lid..which is what makes me think it might be intended as a bowl for jam or jelly; just the thing to complete a tea service! Overall this has rather clean lines making it a more practical piece that some of the more baroque designs, the bowl itself is about 3.5 inches wide and 3 inches tall (without the lid) so the size is also practical. The lid is slotted for a ... read more