Royal Doulton Character Jugs Set of 12 Charles Dickens

Royal Doulton

Set Of Charles Dickens Commemorative

Tiny Character Jugs and Stand

My auction item today is a complete set produced from 1982 to 1988 to commemortate the 170th anniversary of Charles Dickens birth. The set includes 12 jugs alll approx. 1.5" tall. Each jug has the Royal Dickens backstamp and name of the particular character it represents with it's Royal Doulton item #. The set also includes a cherry wood hanging display stand with the Royal Doulton crown logo signature. Two shelves have brown felt lined insets for all 12 tinies.

These were listed in "The Charlton Standard Catalog of Royal Daulton Beswick Jugs" published in 1997, page171 at $750.00 . I don't have a more current book but I"m sure the price has not gone down.

The jugs included in the seat are as follows.

D6678 The Artful Dodger designed by Eric Griffiths:; D6685 Betsy Trotwood designed by Michael Abberley:; D6684 Bill Sykes designed by Michael Abberly:; D6676 Charles Dickens designed by Eric Griffiths;: D6680 David Copperfield designed by Michael Abberley;: D6679 Fagin designed by Robert Tabbener:; D6681 Little Nell designed by Michael Abberley;: D6686 Mr. Bumbler designed by Robert Tabbener:; D6687 Mrs. Bardell designed by Robert Tabbener:; D6677 Oliver Twist designed by Robert Tabbener;: D6683 Scrooge
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