Royal Doulton Coronado 8 place, 51 piece Dinner Service - New Romance Collection

Royal Doulton Coronado 51 piece Dinner Service - New Romance Collection
This beautiful fine china dinner service comprises 8 pieces of each:
Dinner Plates Starter Plates Side Plates Soup/Pudding Bowls Cups Saucers
Additionally there is a Tea Pot, Sugar Bowl and Milk Jug. As a 'free' extra there's a Coffee Pot of similar pattern, but it's not an exact match. Please note this Coffee Pot is cracked.
The condition is good with no chips or cracks except the Coffee Pot as mentioned above and the 'handle' of the Sugar Bowl which was knocked off and re-stuck - see picture.
Also, please note that on some of the items the thin gold band nearer the centre has become worn - see an example on the comparison picture of the two bowls.
This was a very expensive set that we have used only for special occasions. It is a lovely and understated classic design that will never date.
It's for collection only to avoid any breakages. If you want to have it collected and couriered you can arrange this at your own expense and entirely at your own risk. We will pack it as well as we can, however, we will not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage that occurs as a result of sending it by the service you select