Royal Doulton #HN344 Cardinal Wolsey ca. 1922-1927 RARE

From an older estate, a REAL RARITY:

Cardinal Wolsey, HN#344, created by Royal Doulton of England. This magnificent figure dates to as early as 1922, and no later than 1927.

Far larger than modern issues, this piece measures 13-1/4" tall; the base is 5" square.

Modeled in fine china, the mirror-smooth glaze is a deep copper red, not quite as purely red as our photos show.

We have striven mightily to find market values for this wonderful item, but have found NO websites that offer such information for such older pieces. We even paid good money to join a collector's website that supposedly possesses the information, but we have never heard back from them despite repeated attempts at communication...

Cardinal Wolsey (1471-1530) was arguably the second most powerful figure in England during the early 1500's. King Henry VIII's Lord Chancellor, and Archbishop of York, made a Cardinal in 1515, his downfall came on as a result of his inability to resolve the King's desire to annul his marraige to Catherine of Aragon (see our auction # 180419858650) so that he could wed Anne Boleyn.

CONDITION is EXCELLENT: upon very close examination, we can find only 4 extremely small nits to the glazed finish: two pinpoint nits on the rear lefthand portion of his robe; one tiny nit at his left shoulder,
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