Royal Doulton #HN349 Queen Catherine ca. 1922-1927 RARE

From an older estate, a REAL RARITY:

Queen Catherine of Aragon, HN#349, created by Royal Doulton of England. This magnificent figure dates to as early as 1922, and no later than 1927.

Far larger than modern issues, this piece measures 12-3/4" tall; the base is roughly square, measuring some 4" to 5" to a side.

Modeled in fine china, the mirror-smooth glazes of mauve, teal-blue, red-violet and indigo are absolutely gorgeous.

We have striven mightily to find market values for this wonderful item, but have found NO websites that offer such information for such older pieces. We even paid good money to join a collector's website that supposedly possesses the information, but we have never heard back from them despite repeated attempts at communication...

Catherine of Aragon (1485-1536) , Queen of England, and Henry VIII's first wife, failed to provide him with a son. Henry sought to have their 24-year marriage annulled, but Pope Clement VII refused, despite the efforts of Cardinal Wolsey (see our auction # 170394701444). Consequently Henry parted with the Church of Rome, and took upon himself the honor of being in charge of religious affairs in England. He was then free to divorce Catherine, that he might wed Anne Boleyn.

CONDITION is EXCELLENT, virtually PRISTINE: upon very close
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