Royal Doulton Tyg by Francis Pope

A quite unique piecethis time from the hand of Francis C Pope one of the most influential of all the artists at Royal Doulton.

Pope was at Doulton for 45 years so he must have liked it….he certainly made his mark there .

Standing some 9 inches tall and with a base of 4.5 inches…mouth is 6 ¾ inches and the body Dia around 6 inches…..including the handles its over 8 inches.

Its signed by Pope and BN for Bessie Newberry…various other wee marks on there that no doubt you experts will understand but that’s the main ones.

Postage is going to be a nightmare as its so large….its around 2 kilo even in an empty box…if it goes over 2 kilo then its bad news…I am going to say postage is 20 quid and if its less I will certainly refund the difference.

Inscription on the front reads Wm Willis Gale 1888 1913 Mary Gale so looks like a 25 year Anniversary Loving Cup something of that sort so a very individual piece that’s for sure.

Doulton seems to be doing well again after a rocky period….I think the quality pieces by the big name designers will always hold their money…from this period Doulton was always quality.

There are no faults on this piece…condition is spot on…no restoration…its just a nice piece in great condition.

Good Luck