Royal Elferie Fleurette by Cinthia Joyce signed & #'rd

RoyaL Elferie is a company started by artist Cinthia Joyce when her children were young.

All are soft sculptured, elaborately costumed elves, monkeys or bunnies.

Poseable arms and often embellished with brocades, pearls, ribbons

from its fabulous head to the ornately big feet.

This bunny is not particularly Easter, but was not sure w else to classify it.

This limited edition is named 'Fleurette' and she is # 27 of only 250.

These soft sculptures sell in very upscale shops and start at $350.00 retail.

This bunny has been set out for Easter for the past 5 out of 8 years that I have owned her .

The last three years they have sat boxed up in storage.

I believe Cynthia is no longer doing further Royal Elferies,

but went back to school and is now a bronze sculptor and found in upscale art galleries.

Signed authenticity is included, and attached as orignally sold.

This bunny is in excellent condition with no signs of wear whatsoever.

Her sleeves appear to be mohait and the rich crushed deep purple dress and shoes are truly 'royal'

She comes holding a large basket of beautiful pink and purple flowers.

My personal favorite and I hate to give her up, but circumstances are forcing me to do so.

May you
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