Royal Mint Golden Jubilee Silver Proof 24 Coin Set

Collection of Silver proof coins some with 22kt gold from the Royal mint. Set is being sold as I found it. I only found 2 similar sets online in the last few weeks. There is another set with a different case that seems to be more common. This set may be limited. I found on one site it state only 15000 not sure do research. The last set I was on ebay sold with less coins for over 1200.00. So dont pass this up. I am not sure if complete there are 24 coins but I think the gold gilt coin was not part of the original collection. So one coin is missing & I think it is the Bermuda coin because there seem to be 2 for each location. Also, three of the cards that explain each coins are missing. The rest of the coins 23- are all 925 sterling silver & some have 22kt gold in the queens portrait. All are proof coins. Now the gold gilt coin is not sterling & just plated 24kt. Here we go Coin 1 & 2 are Alderney 2002 five pounds each, Australia 1 dollar each stunning coins!!. Bermuda 2003 $5, Cayman Islands $2 2003 & Cayman 2002 $2, Cooks Island 2003 $1 & Cooks 2002 $1, East Carribean States $10 2003 & 2002 $10, Fiji $10 now to second layer in the box is another Figi $10 2002, Jersey 2003 five pounds, Guernsey 2002 -03 both five pounds, Jersey 2002-03 both five pounds, New Zealand 2002-03 both five pounds, Solomon Islandsboth ... read more