Royal Plum Amethyst Water Pitcher Georgianna Ptrn #Q74

This is a tall Glass Water Pitcher. It stands an impressive 8 ½ inches tall... 4 ½ inches across the top... 8 inches from the tip of the pour spout to the outside curve of the robust Handle... and appears to be in excellent condition. It has a scalloped top rim... and the bottom has a deep “star-burst” imprint. The body glass color is a deep Amethyst... often referred to by collectors as... “Royal Plum”... and is of exceptional quality. I believe this is the “Georgianna” pattern... but also known as the “Paneled” or “Pillar” pattern.

I’m finding no maker’s mark on this deep Amethyst Water Pitcher... which is not surprising. A good portion of all glassware was manufactured from molds without identifying marks. Many pieces like this left the factory with only a paper label as their only “maker’s” identification mark. And as we might expect... these labels were “lost” in the very first warm soapy bath the piece was subjected to!!!... In some cases we will recognize a pattern and can attribute it to a specific glassmaker... but in many instances the glass molds have changed hands so many time that an indisputable identification is absolutely impossible.

I might also mention that at one point in time... many of the glass makers got their heads together and agreed that they would not mark their products... so that sales
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