Royalite Bubble Lights - Set of 7 with Box - Early

Offered is an old set of Royalite Bubble Lights (Sparkling Bubbling Lamps) that has a unique design on the lamps. When plugged in the first one that is white works. The others did not light up. One is missing it's globe that holds the liquid. They measure approx. 6" each. I do not see a date on the box so I do not know when they were produced. They were produced by Royal Electric. Inc., in Pawtucket, R.I. USA. On the box it reads Catalog Number 227K. The box is in poor condition and is torn on the sides but could possibly be repaired. T is some missing parts of the front of the box as shown in the photos.

The box is in two parts. One part has the lights and the other part is the end pieces attached to one side. Just wanted to clarify the status of the box.