RPC Marbles! 1.60" Handmade Marble -Art Glass Marble "Rich Aqua"

Hand-Spun Art Glass

Flameworked the old fashioned way.

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RPC Marbles
"Rich Aqua"
This is an RPC original marble # 2761

"Rich Aqua " is a 1.60-inch clear marble with a flower whose petals are in alternating rows of dark aqua with a light aqua stripe and light aqua with a dark aqua stripe surrounding an orange stamen cluster. The leaves are made from a custom-mix of green colored glass.

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Glass is made from sand, silica, sodium oxide, calcium oxide and other minor additives. Today's digital pictures use megapixel zoom technology. When you enlarge photos of glass, you can see some of these ingredients which appear as imperfections that you would not see with a naked eye. A marble is best viewed on a 1:1 scale. When you hold it in your hand, you will not be able to see many of the imperfections that appear when a photo is enlarged.
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