RPPC - 3 Cards - Hopi Snake Dance - by J. R. Willis, Gallup New Mexico

3 RPPCs of Hopi Snake Dance - by J. R. Willis, Gallup New Mexico

The post cards are marked on the front: Hopi Snake Dance. All of these Real Photo Post Cards have a divided back and have never been posted. The stamp area is marked: AZO, with the top arrows pointing up and the bottom arrows pointing down. The cards are faded and yellowed . One card has some waffling along the lower edge and they have very minor corner dings. Two of the cards are ink stamped on the back: J. R. Willis, Gallup, N. Mex.

I am in the processing of liquidating my Mother's Estate. I have been selling many antique photos and have just come across an extremely large number of antique/ vintage post cards. I AM NOT AN EXPERT AND KNOW VERY LITTLE ABOUT POST CARDS OR PHOTOS. I am trying to list them as accurately as possible. I have researched about them on the internet but that is the extent of my knowledge. I think the post cards are all 100+- years old, or there about. But cannot guarantee that. Many have postage and cancelation marks, but there are a large number of unposted cards, and most of them are in very good condition.

I have included a scanned images of both the front and the back. Please look the photos over closely. If there are any questions please ask before bidding.

I have several other misc. items, postcards,
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