3 RPPC’s, Rev. James Waite Davies, South Lee Tabernacle, Baring Road, SE12

A nice group of three real photographic postcards featuring the Rev. James Waite Davies, who was rector of the South Lee Tabernacle from 1886 to 1930.� The South Lee Tabernacle before 1902 was known as the Bromley Road Tabernacle, and changed its name when Bromley Road was renamed as Baring Road. It stands on the corner of Waite Davies Road, itself renamed after 1930 (from Butterfield Street) in commemoration of the late rector.� It is now the South Lee Christian Centre. The photos were Waite Davies’s annual Christmas greetings cards to his friends and colleagues, to which he has added his best wishes on the backs of each.� The third card is dated 1927, the others are undated but obviously earlier (the middle one I would guess around 1921, the earliest circa 1914).� Am selling as a group as I think they should be kept together. They are all in excellent condition, with slight visible flaws as seen on the scans (worst being the white marks down the middle of the second card: not sure of the cause of that, might be possible to remove it but would need someone who knew what they were doing in that regard). (The ‘patchnet on eBay’ is on the scans, not on the cards!)

(I inherited these from a relative with strong Baptist roots.� I have another group for sale concurrently from the same source, featuring the Shooters Hill Road

Postage (same for up to five cards) UK £0.75, Europe £1.50, Rest of World £2.50. Payment requested within 3 days of auction end. Good luck bidding, and please

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