Rubin " Hurricane " Carter Signed Glove ASI Proof




Hurricane was the number one contender for the Middleweight Title, until he was falsely accused, and convicted of murder. In 1966, Patterson, New Jersey had strong racial prejudice, even in the law community. The case was that a witness saw Hurricane and an accomplice kill the bartender, and a patron in the Lafayette Bar & Grill. Though the state's evidence depended largely on the shaky testimony of two former convicts, Carter and Artis were convicted by an all-white jury of the murders. They were sentenced in 1967 to life behind bars. Carter refused to behave like other prisoners. This stemed from his belief that he was not a criminal; tfore, he should not be treated like one. He did not eat the prison's food and wear prison garb. He rarely left his cell and concentrated mostly on reading books and writing. In 1974, he published "The Sixteenth Round", his version of the events that led to his incarceration. He gained celebrity from it, and Bob Dylan wrote a song entitled "Hurricane" that chronicled Carter's case and his suffering. In 1976, Carter was retried after a brief period of being on parole. Both of the earlier key witnesses had changed their stories. Nevertheless, the result was the same. Carter and Artis were
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