Ruby Red Golf Tool Swiss Army, Low Shipping, 53962

Victorinox 53962

Brand new in box Victorinox "Golf Tool Red" Swiss Army Knife. The suggested retail of this knife is $56.00.

One-handed divot repair tool Removable ball marker Tee punch with groove cleaner & bottle opener Nail file Blade Scissors Toothpick Tweezers Life time warranty

All Victorinox Knifes I sell are in the original packaging.

Attempts have been made worldwide to copy Victorinox and its symbol of superior craftsmanship - The red handle knife bearing the "Cross & Shield." Dont be fooled by imitations. To ensure your product is an authentic Victorinox Original Swiss Army Knife or specialty tool, simply look at the base of your large blade for the Victorinox name.

All knives have rust-free aluminum alloy separators, blades made of stainless steel, and brass rivets and bushings used to hold the knife layers together.

Victorinox is the world leader of pocket tools (Multi-tools and Pocket knives). For every activity, be it professional, in the home or during leisure time, t is a need for excellent tools and cutting implements. Find the one that fits your daily task.

Victorinox guarantees all multi-tools to be of first-class stainless steel, and provides a lifetime guarantee against any defects in material and workmanship


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