Ruby Red Satin Gone with the Wind Oil/Kerosene Lamp

This is a special find at an estate sale. This lamp was never converted to electric. The chimney is old and says several things and flint glass on it. The burner works smoothly and says consolidated on it. The vase or bottom portion of the lamp is around 25 1/2 inches tall. The entire lamp with everything in place is 30 inches tall. The top globe does not match the bottom. They are both very old. T are about 4 chips out of the top of the base under the metal decorative portion. These are not noticeable and they do not extend. The wheel that turns the burner moves freely. The lamp is beautiful despite the previous information. Everyone says that it looks great in my dining room.. I am selling do to too much stuff. Please look at the photos and ask any questions. This would be a lovely addition to a victorian collection.