RUCINNI 2031 Large Tree Frogs Jeweled Trinket Box with SWAROVSKI Crystals .

Approximate Size: 7" x 3.25" x 6.25"
RUCINNI Jeweled Trinket Boxes are designed, molded, sculpted and cast in pewter, by hand, by seasoned, skilled craftsmen. A proprietary process is used to apply a semi-precious metal plating, including 24 Karat gold, Silver, Antique gold, Brass or Bronze, which is then meticulously hand painted with enamels and special paints, and kiln fired for 4 to 6 hours after each color has been applied.
SWAROVSKI crystals are then carefully set by hand. A variety of colors and sizes are used, to best suit the individual item. The finished piece is then placed in a satin lined gift box.
RUCINNI Jeweled Trinket Boxes are known for their attention to the smallest detail, and for their brilliant sparkle. Each one has a hinged compartment which opens for storage. Embedded magnets keep it securely closed. Whether you are buying one for your own collection, or as a gift, these whimsical, fascinating creations are truly unique.