Rudolph Valentino
Circa 1921 Henry Clive's Rudolph Valentino as "The Sheik" Canco Tin for Beautebox.
An original antique rare Rudolph Valentino metal box with a color picture of him from the movie "The Sheik" (which he made in 1921).
His signature is reproduced near the bottom of his portrait above the text "Paramount Star"
Also appearing on the left side of the tin is Henry Clive's signature (the artist).
The bottom of the box is imprinted with the name "Beautebox" in a rectangle and "CANCO" in an oval circle
Color: Black
Diameter: approx. 5 inches
Depth: 1 1/4 inches
No date found on the box.
The box has some nicks around the edge of the lid (see pictures).
Probably used as a promotional item for movie goers.
I'm not sure if this one has been modified, but it has a black felt lining in it along with some other interesting items: A collection of 8 pins made to look like swords 3 miniature folding knives (they actually move!!), looks like they are used for decoration or jewelry because some have eyelet on them.
2 unknown items labeled "ESCH" and PAT JUNE 4'16
Canco Beautebox was based at 120 West 42nd Street in New York City. The company made a range of tins depicting various popular actors. Theater-owners and vendors frequently offered the
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