You're looking at a very gently used (virtually brand new) set of RUMBLE ROBOTS remote control robots. These RC robots come complete with instructions and 7 Power cards to get your robot up and running. The hand held remote control will move your robot FORWARD, BACKWARD, LEFT and RIGHT. The robots arms also swing and punch for RUMBLING! There is a laser on the front of each robot as well. These KING SLUGNUT robots are from the RED Army and even have a Russian accent when they talk.

Both robots will come in the original box. One box has a little damage and no packaging material the other box is fine. The only missing part is one of the little plastic, red flags that is attached to the top of the robot. I am in the process of cleaning out the toy closet so if I find it I will include the flag with the two robots. These robots were barely used by my kids on Christmas day a few years ago because they were overwhelmed with all the toys they got and these were just sort of forgotten. Now both kids are controlled by the X-box so these guys don't stand a chance. I have decided to sell them to someone who will actually use and enjoy them. They are really cool little remote control items (each robot is about 7 inches tall).

All the batteries required to get these robots as well as remote controls going are included!

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