Rummy Royal Board Game Deluxe Edition 1975 Whitman Original Pieces COMPLETE

Vintage 1975 Whitman Rummy Royal Board Deluxe Edition Game. It has all 100 plastic chips, complete set of GLOSSY cards,
30" x 30 " THICK PAPER playing mat, GLOSSY directions card,
GLOSSY card with calendar of 1976 on one side and 1977 on other Items in box look barely used, Box does have some damage mostly to 1 corner Box is ripped on this corner and the paper has started to peel away. It looks slightly crushed on the back/bottom of the box which could be where the damage came from. Please see all photos and see how wonderful the condition of the game and the pieces are. This game does not have any water damage, nor does it smell of smoke, pets, musty, dusty, or otherwise. clean and with minimal fading of the box. Tiny pin holes on the inside corners of the playing mat where it has been folded and stored. I opened the playing mat up and took additional photos which show the corners up close. I also noticed that there was some minimal age discoloration/darkening to the center POT area of the board. The game still appears never used or removed from the box more than a few times.