Runner Rugs Handmade Persian Balouchi Wool Rug 9 ft.

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Persian Category
Runner Rugs Type
Allover Foundation Materials
Cotton Pile Materials
100% Wool Field Color
Refer to Images Border Color
Refer to Images Size (ft) 2' x 9'5" Size(cm)
61 x 287 Age (Circa)
New Woven
Hand knotted Persian rug Condition
Excellent KPSI(Approx.)
169 Made in
Persian Original One of a Kind Knotting Time 78 Days 702 Hours Regular Price $ 1,382.50 Our Price
$ 395.00 Shipping & Insurance $ 0.00 Professionally Washed

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Balouchi tribes reside in eastern Iran, western Afghanistan, and the Balouchi province of Pakistan. In Iran, Balouchi rug weaving is centered in Khorasan province around the towns of Torbat-e-Heydariyeh, which is 60 miles south of Mashad and Torbat-e-Jam, and 80 miles southeast of Mashad near the Afghan border. Numerous tribes and clans make up the Balouchi population in eastern Iran. Originally, nomadic, but now many Balouchis live a largely sedentary existence, engaging in pastoral

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Hand-knotted Oriental rugs are pieces of art not just accessories for your home. Throughout history, these handmade rugs have been the object of fascination, desire, and status. 's mission is to help bring this rich cultural legacy to your home - at a affordable price!
Browse our history of area rugs to learn all about the history of Oriental rugs and the weaving methods used to create them.
Evidence suggests that thousands of years ago, nomadic tribesmen between Eurasia and Mongolia were the first to create pile carpets. These carpets were woven to add warmth and comfort to their simple tent homes. As more and more tribes mastered the technique of weaving pile rugs, it became a common practice to incorporate their creativity into the designs transforming a trade skill into works of art. Area rugs became not just a functional necessity in their tent homes but a symbol of taste and refinement by adding personality and beauty to their sparse surroundings.
Today's rug designs are more sophisticated, but they serve much the same purpose, lending beauty, warmth and personality to enhance a home. When considering a rug for your home, t are a number of reasons why you might decide upon hand knotted Oriental rugs or handmade Persian rugs instead of machine-made ones. Quality is the most important consideration. Handmade rugs are much more durable than mass-produced machine made rugs. Handmade rugs are usually made with natural materials such as cotton, wool or silk. These natural fibers last longer and release no harmful gasses into th...
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