You are bidding on a DVD of Rush to Judgement. Mark Lane interviews witnesses to the Kennedy assassination and exposes serious flaws in the conclusions made by the Warren Commission.

When one considers that the assassination of President Kennedy is one, if not the most important events of our countries history, then one must conclude that Rush To Judgement is definitely one of the most important Films. Mark Lane a New York Lawyer and former State Campaign Manager for President Kennedy takes his camera to Dallas shortly after The Warren Commission issued it's report on the assassination of President Kennedy. What he uncovers is what the Main Stream Media failed to report to the American people about the assassination. It was too hot for the Media, but not for Lane. Rush to Judgement is a true documentary filled with live interviews of the witnesses and the people closest to the truth about killing of our 35th President. This Black and White film will take you back to a time and place and let you hear what the witnesses said in rare interviews. Lee Bowers who worked the Rail Road Tower behind the infamous Grassy Knoll tells Mark Lane what he saw as the shots rang out. After the filmed interview with Lane and before the release of the film Mr. Bowers is found dead-Was it just an accident? Just a coincidence?

This show is a (SCARCE) program to find. This would be an excellent addition to your library of Political Video memorabilia. The DVD comes in a jewel case and is professionally labeled.

Buyer pays $2.95 S/H postage. The DVD will be mailed in a bubble cushioned envelope. If you have purchased from me in the past you know the quality of my items.

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