Rush - Permanent Waves - Mobile Fidelity - New

Permanent Waves
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, US, 2008, 6 Tracks, Original Master Recording, Half Speed Mastered, 180 Gram, Limited Edition
Condition: New/Sealed
Please note that I use Goldmine standards for grading
MINT (M) - These are absolutely perfect in every way. Often rumored but rarely seen, Mint should never be used as a grade unless more than one person agrees that the record or sleeve truly is in this condition.
NEAR MINT (NM OR M-) - A good description of a NM record is “it looks like it just came from a retail store and it was opened for the first time.” In other words, it’s nearly perfect. Many dealers won’t use a grade higher than this, implying (perhaps correctly) that no record or sleeve is ever truly perfect. Near mint records are shiny and free of visible defects. No writing, stickers, other markings or spindle marks appear on the label. No major factory defects are present; a record and label obviously pressed off center is not Near Mint. If played, an NM record will do so without surface noise. Near Mint records don’t have to be “never played”; a record used on an excellent turntable can remain NM after many plays if the disc is properly cared for. NM covers have no creases, ring wear or seam splits of any kind. These are high standards, and they are not on a sliding scale.
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