Russ Farrell White House Sword Knife Wall Display

Brand New "The White House Sword"

This White House Sword is enscribed at the top of the handle with 'The White House United States Washington DC'. The handle itself is designed to look like a scroll. The other side of the handle has a small replica of the White House. It has a black DC on the sword and comes with a tip cover. It was designed by Russ Farrell who is a production designer for the Disney company.

You get 1 White House Sword, 50" Long, brush finish blade with "DC" graphics that is custom honed and etched to resemble the Washington Monument. Column style handle with antique silver finish metal White House relief featuring brass tone accent rings, and the pommel features and American flag emblem on one side and bald eagle star emblem on the other, both done in antique silver finish metal with a brass tone metal ring framing them together.

Comes with a brown wood display plaque and mounting screws. Limited edition of 10,000. Stainless steel blade. For display purposes only.