Russia/Kursk Reg. Inflation Cover 5k Savings, Jan. 1922

January 5, 1922 private correspondence registered inflation cover from Novyy Oskol, Kursk to Moscow correctly franked at the 1250R rate (250R for the letter plus 1000R registration) with a strip of five 5k Postal Savings stamps which were revalued to 250R each in August 1921. Note the handwritten registration detail at upper left with Moscow receiving cancels on the reverse. Nice clean cover with slight tear upper left. Shipping will be $3 via First Class Airmail, although I strongly recommend that foreign bidders pay $14 for Registered Shipping. NOTE: Dom estic shipping for packages over $100 must carry full insuran ce. For m ore Russian internal inflation items from early January, 1922 , please check out my other items !