Russia/Poltava 100R Charity + 3R Control Inflation Card, March 1922

March 13, 1922 postcard from Poltava to Novocherkassk franked with a 100R + 100R (red) Famine Relief Charity stamp plus a 3R Control stamp. With the correct internal postcard rate at 3000R we can wonder if the sender (probably a collector) convinced the Poltava Post Office to allow him to use (and pay for) the 3R Control stamp with a provisional value of 3000R. Otherwise, the card would have been vastly underfranked. The card appears legit, although addressed to known Novocherkassk collector/dealer Lamtev which would fit with the philatelic franking. Clean card with odd franking as discussed above. Shipping will be $3 via First Class Airmail, although I strongly recommend that foreign bidders pay $14 for Registered Shipping. NOT E: Dom estic shipping for packages over $100 must carr y full insurance. For more Russian 1921-1922 Provisional Covers, etc, please check out my other items !