Russia sheet of Sc#201b Mi#176z dot in Ch pl#3 MNHOG

Russia, sheet of 50 Scott# 201b, Michel# 176z (chalk surfaced paper), plate number "3", wide gutter
(25 mm), MNHOG. This is a very interesting sheet, as illustrated in the scans below. First, notice the presence of the white dot inside of Cyrillic "Ч" (in "Pochta") -- this is the sixteenth stamp of the right half-sheet. Also of interest is printing defect -- "� УГ" instead of "� УБ" in the overprint -- present in the first and the fourth stamp in the right-most column adjacent to the right margin. These are uncommon as single stamps and even less so in a sheet. Please see scans for details. Many more Russian stamps in our e-bay store -- please click to visit it. Please let us know if you have any questions!
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