Russia -- Siberia. Novodel Copper 10 Kopeks, 1779-KM

Russia -- Siberia. Novodel Copper 10 Kopeks, 1779-KM. B-528; Bitkin-H948. Edge-1. Catherine II, 1762-1796. Crowned monogram, within wreath of laurel and reed leaves. Reverse: Crowned oval cartouche bearing value and date, supported by flanking rampant foxes, on trapezoidal base. Sharp, full strike, with lustrous, immaculate, reddish brown surfaces (Too large for holder). NGC graded MS-67 Red & Brown. . These large Russian coppers were minted in Kolyvan (KM), the most eastern of all the Russian mints, close to Outer Mongolia. Never a large city or major commercial area, Kolyvan was deemed necessary as a Russian mint because of the immense size of the territory of Siberia. It was easier to move the minting machinery to Kolyvan than to ship the finished products from the far western Ekatrerinburg.