Russia / Ukraine Registered Inflation Cover, Feb. 1923

February 6, 1923 registered inflation cover from Bershad, Podolia, Ukraine to Berlin franked for double weight with twenty-six (including an uneven block of eighteen) of the 40R on 15k Star overprint stamps plus a single 10R Fifth Anniversary of the Revolution, all valued at 1050R (1922) or 10R 50k (1923) - 2x3R 50k postage plus 3R 50k registration. Note the handwritten blue ink registration detail at lower left plus a circled "R" on a "Brender" cover with a vertical fold before stamps attached plus a couple of creases with the extra weight. Very unusual double weight registered cover. Shipping will be $3 via First Class Airmail, although I strongly recommend that foreign bidders pay $14 for Registered Shipping. NOTE: Dom estic s hipping for packages over $100 must carry full insurance. For more Russian foreign inflation covers from early February, 1923, plea se check out my other items !