Chemart Incorporated offers a large selection of Russian art including paintings, graphics, lacquer boxes, coins from Russia accumulated during the last thirty years.

We are located in Downtown Manhattan therefore buyers from New York Metro area may pick up art works or schedule an appointment to view our collection.

You can find a lot of similar looking items on e-Bay and on the Internet in general for much less money, but they only look good for now. The authentic pieces will look good for a very long time. They will not warp, discolor, fade or lose their value with time. If you are a Real Collector or just looking for a Decoration Piece this is the item for you. Now it is you chance to own an Authentic Piece of Russian Art that will last a lifetime.

The art of painting on papier-mâché boxes began in the late eighteenth century in Danilkova, a village near Moscow . Soon it was brought to Fedoskino, Palekh, Kholui, and Mstera.

The Russian lacquer boxes are primarily constructed of cardboard that is glued, pressed together, and cut to specific sizes. Once oven dried and cured, several coats of lacquer are applied inside and out and the boxes are cleaned and polished to a smooth finish. The box is ready to be transformed into a small miracle reflecting the artist's reflection of a chosen fairy tale,
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