This is a brochure for the Russian Beriev BE-200 Multipurpose Amphibian Aircraft, printed in both Russian and English. It has 8 pages, including both covers. After the cover (see left half of first picture) the inside cover has "Main Data" (Basic Specifications) in both Russian and English. (In metric units) The next page is a repeat of the cover, with the title underneath "Beriev BE-200 Multipurpose Amphibian Aircraft" in both English and Russian.

The next page, in both Russian and English, has text which describes how the Irkutsk Aircraft Production Association, after years of work on military aircraft production, has started work on civil aircraft and the BE-200 design was chosen. The text then describes the uses of the aircraft, especially for firefighting, given its ability to scoop water and operate from "inland water reservoirs and sea areas.....and from unpaved runways of up to 1800 m in length, and from snow covered platforms with the ski landing gear installed."

It continues with descriptions of other tasks, such as passenger and cargo transportation, search and rescue, etc. Opposite that page is one with three view drawings. (see right half of first picture)

The next page, again in both Russian and English, has text about the purpose, including scooping water for firefighting (up to 12 t), carrying
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