Russian book "Yusupovs: Richer than the Romanovs

Russian book "Yusupovs: Richer than the Romanovs"
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Illustrated book is dedicated to the prominent YUSUPOV family.
The most commonly asked question is "How wealthy in fact were the Yusupoffs? W did their wealth come from? W they richer than the Romanovs?"
The author attempts to address these questions using rare archival financial documentation and data.
Listed are numerous estates of magnificent beauty belonging to the family - both, in Russia and abroad, including the Yusupov Palaces on Moika, Fontanka and Liteinii Prospect in St. Petersburg; palace in Moscow's Haritonievsky Pereulok, Arkhangelskoye Estate, Crimea Palaces in Kokkoz, Koriez and Balaklava, dacha in Tsarskoye Selo, other properties.
The most prominent member of Yusupov family was Prince Nikolai Borisovich Yusupov (1750/51-1831)- a statesman and diplomat, director of the Hermitage and the Armoury Chamber, rich and influential connoisseur and patron of arts.
Please scroll down to see pages from the book. Among others are photographs of the last owners of the immeasurable wealth - Princess Zinaida Nikolaevna Yusupoff and her husband, Count Sumarkov- Elston.
Their son - Felix Yusupov, is known for participation in the murder of Grigory Rasputin.
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