Russian Collector Plates Series of 12 "THE FIREBIRD

A timeless tale of enchantment and advenure, a legend that has delighted, intrigued, and inspired.... comes to brilliant life as a luminous work of limited-edition art. "Presenting "The Tsarevich and the Firebird" The vast treasure chest of russian folklore over flows with priceless riches; unforgettable fables and fairytales peopled by extraordinary creatures, many of whom one meets again and again, traveling from story to story. But of them all, t is only one FIREBIRD. If a single creation could characterise the very nature of RUSSIAN FOLKLORE, surely it is the Firebird, a dazzling symbol of man's eternal search for riches, perfection and happiness. Once long ago, a mighty Tsar promised his kingdom to whichever of his three sons would bring him the elusive Firebird. The youngest son, Ivan meets a Gray Wolf with magic powers..... Master Artist Alexander N. Klipov's original portrait - created exclusively for this series - is a striking interpretation of the wounderful moment when young Ivan first discovers the magnificent Firebird. The Rich tradition of Russian Lacquer Miniatures - the bold black background; the vivid colours, deep greens and fiery oranges. Lavish 18-Kart gold, which is actually fired into the porcelain-provides the perfect expression for the dramatic sweep and mythical power of this beloved fable The manufactory ... read more