Russian finift enamel landscape brooch Kotova 1999

This beautiful new landscape brooch has a wonderful blend of blues and purplish-lavender colors.. It was hand-painted atthe Rostov finift factory in Rostov, Russian Federation circa 1999 by one of the eminent artists at the factory Elena Kotova . One of the master metalworkers at the factory produced the intricate metal filligree. See the excerpts from the book about Kotova below. She has examples of her work illustrated in the book "Rostov Enamels" and other publications produced by the Rostov finift factory. Many of the pieces in my collection painted by Kotova and other artists at the factory will be up for auction over the next several months. These are among the highest quality available both in terms of painting and metalwork. This metal is silver-plated copper and the brooch measures about 1.6 inches in length and 1.3 inches in width. Pictures do not fully demonstrate the quality of the work, it must be viewed first-hand to appreciate the beauty. Please contact me with any questions.

Rostov Enamels


Translated from Russian by L.Lezhneva

“Floral motifs are central to Rostov enamels and are used in jewelery and household objects. All flowers and grasses of Russia, be it in bouquets or entwined into ornaments, generously fill the surface of enamel plaques.
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