ITEM: Handpainted signed black lacquer papier-mache brooch from Russia


Item Details/Age: This is an oval handpainted, signed and dated papier-mache brooch that measures 2-/4" by 1-1/2". The writing on the back of the brooch states it was made in Fedoskino by A.E. in 1992. The tiTle of the scene is ZIMA (winter). Even though Fedoskino is written on the back, I am not convinced that this brooch was painted by an official Fedoskino school artist. It does not have the luminous glow that all Fedoskino work should possess. However, the artwork is nice and the border is well done. It's possible the artist is from Fedoskino and this was a practice piece. I can't say for sure. I do know I love troikas and liked the colors of this scene.

Theme: A troika pulling a sleigh evokes visions of Russia in winter more than any other symbol. I never got to see a troika when I was in Russia, but in 1979 when I was at a dacha (a home in the country used to get away from the big city) outside of St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), a gas tank used to fuel the kitchen stove was delivered by a little old man using a horse and sleigh to make his rounds. For a big city girl long removed from her country roots, that was quite a sight!

Condition: I don't see anything wrong with this brooch other than some fine scratches.
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