Russian MIG Pilot Pressure VKK-6mp Flight Suit w Helmet

Russian MIG Pilot Pressure VKK-6m Flight Suit.
Satisfaction guaranteed. No reserve. All pictures are actual, you receive what you see. 30 days money back guaranteed. This is an auction for Russian flight antipressure suit VKK-6m(high-altitude compensative suit). Used For protection of a body of the pilot from temperature influences of an environment from-50 to +50 (celsium) in current 1-1,5 h. Excellent condition with original bag. This suit made of speshial nylon material,size is 5 (for person near 165-172cm medium height). This suit is used by Russian MIG-25/31(they operate at the age of atmosp like Black Bird SR-71) jet figter pilot with GSH-6A/LP/M helmet . This item would be nice addition to any aviation - militaria collection. Comes with oxigen mask KM-34, inner helmet, googles and helmet GSH-6:

KM-34 oxygen mask. Cold war time piece 1970-80'th. The fiberglass shell is a gray, with a canvas strip that attaches to the mask clips. Excellent-very good condition.

RUSSIAN SOVIET Jet Pilot helmet 1980'th . Fire-retardant green color inner communications helmet with microphone and earphones. Used with Russian GSh-6LP, GSh-6A and other Jet Pilot Helmets in virtually every type of Russian aircraft - MIGs jets. Inner helmet complete with ear phones, throat mics and plug. The ear recivers and the wireing look to be excellent.
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