Russian Pyrography MATT nesting doll ネスティングドール KARAVAY Babushka 10 Mamayeva ART

Russian,hand carved and painted wooden set of 10 nesting dolls created by the Russian Artist Mamayeva.


First doll is holding a Wedding Loaf (Karavay)

The tradition of sharing a wedding loaf was borrowed from the ancient Romans. In addition to being a symbol of health and prosperity, karavay is also a way to find out who will be the head of the family. This is done by having the newlyweds each take a bit, without using their hands. Whoever takes the largest bite is considered to be the head of family. This tradition can be coupled with a champagne toast and the subsequent breaking of the glasses, which is considered good luck !

I also have a selection of her amazing works in my shop as more Russian Dolls so please take a look and see if there is something else you like.

Her work has not just a wonderful fine quality finish but also has a beautiful loving warmth to it.

Please check the size before bidding so you know what you are buying. The height of the biggest doll is 13.3 cm

( 5" 1/4 inches).

Please note: Shop Dolls listings might vary slightly from the photo as they are each hand painted.

A must have for Russian lovers and it would make an amazing and unique gift for any Occasion or a Verry Spesial Birthday,
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