Russian Tea Cosy Cloth Doll

This sleepy eyed tea cozy doll has moveable arms that are tied together on a wire so that when you move one the other one moves as well. She stands about 11" tall and has a full padded skirt to keep your teapot warm for you. Her yellow hair is tucked under the tan scarf that has a polka dot pattern on it. Her blouse is also made from a polka dot print which as yellowed with age. Her apron has been trimmed with red and yellow fabric strips that have also faded with time. There is also a noticeable difference in the color of her overskirt showing that the sides have seen more light than the back and obviously the area under her apron. Her molded stockinette face is in excellent condition and her expression is sweet, even with her eyes closed. Her lips look like she may be about to blow on a cup of hot tea herself. Her stockinette hands look like they once held something - a broom, a teacup, or something. I tried giving her a small teapot to hold - which she could - but not at a realistc angle, so I doubt it was a teapot . Despite her faded and aged fabrics she is a wonderful doll. I looked for a maker's mark or label, and there was a spot on the underskirt that might have once held a sticky tag but other than that there was no mark to prove her origin. In my mother's notes she listed her as a doll she purchased at the Vallejo Doll ... read more