Russian uniform: KZM-M camo "Partizan

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You won't find American uniforms from Vietnam You won't buy fake English stuff made in China, either. You won't buy Polish army surplus, nor even Russian memorabilia from Afghanistan. We're really sorry.

But if you're looking for world's probably best camouflage, uniforms and equipment tested in military conditions in various climates, this is the right address. We offer products of Russian companies such as Modox, Splav, and others, who sew their clothes for the Russian army, police and special forces. We import all products directly from Russia from our Russian contractors. All of them are available in our Polish warehouse. We are shipping products around the world. We accept paypal & bank transfer

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Product: âeKZM-Mâe Uniform (ÐsосÑ,ÑZм «ÐsÐ--Ðoe-M»)

Description: Camouflage uniform

âe¢ Special cut guarantees freedom of movement

âe¢ Hood with a drawstring

âe¢ Concealed fastening - buttons

âe¢ Rubber ribbing at the waist and in the cuffs

Fabric: Light mix Colour: camouflage âe" âeoePartizanâe

Manufacturer: MODOX

AVAILABE SIZES: FROM 44-46/3 TO 60-62/6

METRIC RECALCULATION YOU FIN FIND : .pl/images/rozmiary-modox.jpg P

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