Russian Vintage Balalaika 6 String Wooden Guitar Vintage Musical Instrument ussr

Old rare musical folk instrument. Made in the USSR Size: height 27 "in. (69cm) Do not miss chance to get it! Ondition: Cosmetic condition see photo You receive what you see. History: Provenance balalaika is rooted in the mists of time. Balalaika gradually spread among the peasants and buffoons who traveled across the vast our country. Clowns performed at fairs, the people rejoice, earning a livelihood. Balalaika is used as a solo concert, ensemble and orchestral instrument.V modern orchestra of Russian folk instruments used five varieties Balalaika: prima seconds, alto, bass and contrabass. Of these, only a prima solo virtuoso instrument, and the others are fixed purely orchestral functions: second alto and implement chord accompaniment and bass and bass - bass function. Little professional performers. Even in the village of balalaika forgotten. And now the interesting folk music very narrow circle of people attending concerts or playing on any folk instruments. In the history of the balalaika were ups and downs were, but she continues to live and not for nothing that all foreigners is the personification of Russian culture. Cosmetic condition: see photos Additional photos can be sent Shipping - 35$ (worldwide) Send the next day after payment. Send the track code. I combine items, so you can save on shipping by ordering two or more ... read more